Launching more cryptocurrencies for you!

We started off with Bitcoin and have now expanded coverage to some of the top currencies –

  • Ethereum(ETH): Go Buterin!
  • Bitcoin Cash(BTC)
  • LiteCoin(LTC)
  • 0x(ZRX)
  • DogeCoin(DOGE): Elon Musk’s favorite!
  • Tron(TRX): Why not?!

By enabling more currencies, we want to make it easier for you to review the market and understand it better. There’s more to come on so keep an eye out for new features to simplify your research.

How does market sentiment affect cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency trading is the most volatile trading platform that you will find. In some ways this is good, as it offers a great opportunity to make huge sums of money. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you are doing you can find yourself totally broke. The trick is to study the market trends and invest accordingly.

The trading platform revolves around the market sentiment. Whether anyone cares to admit it or not is beside the point – there is a lot of emotion involved in trading. Fear and greed are two driving forces. These two are followed by many other sentiments. Before you begin your trade for the day, it is crucial to first analyse the market sentiment which is leading the cryptocurrencies. It is also important to stay updated about particular cryptocurrencies and what people feel about them. An overwhelming task, you may feel. Fortunately help is at hand with

How do you know what the market sentiment is?

Emotions are unpredictable and prone to change in a split second. All it takes is one negative comment to start a downward spiral. Similarly if a one investor highlights a positive reason to buy a particular cryptocurrency it can lead to a chain reaction of purchases, resulting in a sudden spike. Unfortunately you cannot predict what people are thinking. The only thing we can rely on is the fact that it will take a short while for the sentiment to carry forward and the effect to take place. You need to be in tune with what’s happening to make the right decision.

What can do for you? becomes your guiding tool for investments – sale and purchase of particular cryptocurrencies. The website gives you an updated analysis of the market sentiment. It enables you to foresee which way the market is moving and base your trade actions on this information. 

Imagine if someone were to scour the internet and various media channels for all the information related to cryptocurrencies for you. Better still they even verified if the information was authentic and not just someone trying to mislead people. And then they compiled it all and presented it to you in a summarized format. Wouldn’t you feel so elated to enjoy this privilege?

The latest sentiment analysis

Every moment, 24×7, there is something or the other happening around the world which pertains to cryptocurrencies either directly or indirectly. It is almost impossible for any human being to keep up with all that is going on. On the brighter side we have Artificial intelligence and robotic helpers to do the job. In short you have This is your tool, your helper and your best buddy when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

What does give you? It provides you with an amalgamation of the latest news and happenings reviewed, verified and compiled in an easily understandable format. The AI bots are working round the clock to pick up even the smallest information which can impact your trade. So while you can sit back and enjoy getting the updates, is at work. It is important to pay heed to the sentiment analysis if you are serious about making money on the cryptocurrency trade market.