What are cryptocurrencies and which one should you invest in?

Cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology and record transactions in a public ledger in the form of blocks(hence the name blockchain). The blockchain technology not only provides a secure method but also a decentralized way to manage the ledger. In 2017, the cryptocurrency market reached a capitalization of more than $700 Billion, so cryptocurrencies are here to stay and it may be a good idea to learn about them. There are several factors that make the crypto market volatile, one of which has been the regulatory changes by governments in various countries. These regulatory changes have facilitated the adoption of cryptocurrencies in some cases while banning in others. There is a lot going on in the crypto market, so how do you make sense of the market?! By reading news and following discussions on social media outlets like reddit, twitter among others, an informed user can stay on top of the upcoming changes, hacks, and other things going on in the crypto market. 

Cryptocurrency trading is similar to any other currency trading – you can take advantage of the highly volatile indices to make a profit but due diligence is imperative when trading cryptocurrencies, especially when fiat money is involved and stakes are high. Before making a decision to buy or sell a cryptocurrency it is crucial to know what the latest happenings are. You need to have some understanding of the feel of the market and the investors. What are people thinking and what sentiments do they harbour. The market pulse indicates the movement of a cryptocurrency. Is the currency likely to go up in price or fall? Whether you are spread betting or you have a CFD position, your speculation should be backed with complete information. The lack of proper facts could lead to a wrong decision resulting in financial losses.

How to do your due diligence

Money is a precious commodity. It is hard earned and not something that you want to take too much risk with. Investing in the cryptocurrency exchange should be done only after reading up on the latest news pertaining to the cryptocurrency market. The information you read will help you make informed decisions regarding different currencies and the type of investment you should make. The trading market is constantly changing. If you don’t keep pace you are at a loss with regards to what is happening and what to invest in.  

What is the latest news on cryptocurrency?

There are volumes of information each day on the latest happenings and speculations pertaining to cryptocurrencies. How do you stay up to date on the regulation and changes related to cryptocurrency trading? It is not humanly possible to sift through so much information within a short span of time. Over and above that some information is based on facts while some of it is just based on views and opinions of people. You may find some data which is not entirely true. It is difficult to tell what information you should take note of and what you should ignore. You may even come across contradictory data. This can be quite confusing for investors as they both have a certain amount of evidence to back it.

Is there a way to get an overview of all that is happening in the cryptocurrency trading world? The solution to your woes is cryptoreview.ai. This is a wonderful research tool that does all the dirty work of sorting out and consolidating the information. No more endless effort of researching and studying. You can visit cryptoreview.ai and get the latest information you require.

What is cryptoreview.ai?

Cryptoreview.ai is a research platform thatscans thousands of digital media sources on a continuous basis to find the latest and most relevant information pertaining to cryptocurrencies.  All the data collected is summarized in the form of a sentiment of the market to help the investors get a very high level view of the market. To further understand the driving forces as well as the most relevant topics for investors, cryptoreview.ai picks the top news articles so investors can get insights very quickly.


Many researchers have tried to assess relationship between sentiment and stock market and researches[1] show that sentiment analysis could be a predictor of price movement. With cryptoreview.ai you are equipped with up-to date information regarding the market pulse. Armed with this knowledge you are at a vantage point. You can leverage this information to time your investment decisions much better. .