What can cryptoreview.ai do today?

Scan hundreds of news sources to create a sentiment summary as well as curate top articles each day, all using the power of machine learning.

Since all the heavy lifting is done using Ariticial Intelligence, you can use cryptoreview to speed up your research.

This is just the beginning for cryptoreview.ai

What is Sentiment Index?

Using state of the art machine learning techniques, we capture the news sentiment and other factors like volume, so a single metric can explain where the market sentiment is at any given point of time. The higher, the more positive it is.

The Machines will come for us...

... and make us lots of money!

Volitility linked to emotion

Conventional wisdom tells investors to buy low and sell high, however, emotions get in the way of an average investor, leading to runs in the market.
Never in the history of investing has any commodity or stock been more emotionally volitile than cryptocurrency.

cryptoreview.ai is trained to find emotional paradigms to help yield profit. So, explore the emotional side of investing!